Ben Simmons Still Willing to Sit Out Entire Season if He Doesn’t Get Traded

The Ben Simmons drama continues.

Philadelphia Sixers star guard Ben Simmons still isn’t speaking to anyone from the Sixers, as he continues to say away from the team after demanding a trade. So far Philadelphia hasn’t said much about trading Ben, but it appears they’re quietly trying to move him behind the scenes.

The problem is they don’t want to get shorted in any deal, as other trade partners now have the leverage over the Sixers. If Ben doesn’t get what he wants, he’ll sit out the entire season if he has to.

According to ESPN’s The Jump, Ben Simmons is even ready to sit out the entire year if Philly decides not to trade him.

Speaking on The Jump, Ramona Shelburne of ESPN said:

“Ben Simmons is willing to sit as long as it takes too. When you talk to people close to Ben, I say, ‘Okay, worst-case scenario, it takes all year. Would he sit all year?’ And the answer right now is: “Yes.” Now you can say that right now at the beginning of training camp, .. say that, you’re willing to sit all year if that’s what it takes to get traded to a team you are a lot more comfortable on. But let’s see what happens when you start missing checks, when you really start missing basketball, when the league goes on without you.”

Most of the time, trading an all star, the team is rebuilding and willing to collect assets. This is a strange scenario where both sides are in win now mode.

Very tough trade to make.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Ben didn’t play ball at all this season.

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