Baker Mayfield’s Wife Gets Crushed After Comparing Him to Two NFL Legends

Life in the NFL isn’t always easy, especially for the Mayfields this season.

Baker Mayfield’s wife Emily continues to share her thoughts and opinions on Social Media, she’s had quite the wild week which kicked off with her explaining how her husband has been receiving death threats.

You can’t fault her for being upset about the threats, but now she’s trying to back up his play on the field, with stats comparing him to living legends.

Emily took to IG to compare Baker Mayfield’s first four seasons in the NFL with Brett Favre and Drew Brees’ first four seasons. People were not having it.

See below:

More chimed in on her absurd comparison:

Baker is definitely the best QB the Browns have had in a very long time, he can win games, but he surely isn’t worthy of his 1st pick status, nor does he deserve $40 million year. What did Emily Mayfield think would happen when she compared her husband to two of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.

She needs to stop trying to defend her husband, it’s getting pathetic.

Check out more of the very vocal NFL wife below:

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