Baker Mayfield’s Wife Claims Baker Received Death Threats Following Loss To Packers

It’s been a pretty rough ride for the Mayfields this season.

Following a resurgent season where the Browns won a Wild Card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the expectations for Baker Mayfield this season has been through the roof.

It hasn’t gone exactly as planned, and the Browns latest one against the Green Bay Packers really ruffled a few feathers. Apparently Browns fans are so unhappy with their QB, they’re sending him death threats.

Baker’s wife Emily Mayfield posted about the threats via her IG page:

“It’s crazy how much negativity is amplified via social media,” Emily began. “I’m still a believer that there’s more good people out there than bad, but WOW does social media make me think otherwise sometimes. Which plays into why I love to spread positivity. Our world needs more of it.

“The death threats, lies being told about my husband, and blatant DISRESPECT never ceases to amaze me. For the record — I pray for those of you who even think those thoughts, let alone type them out. I hope you can find some happiness so you stop trying to steal it from others.”

Baker had a pretty bad game against the Packers, he threw four interceptions in Cleveland’s 24-22 loss.

The Browns are now sitting at 7-8 and outside of the playoff picture in the NFC.

Baker’s year has been pretty below average, he’s thrown for 2,825 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions, while completed 62.4 percent of his passes.

Not great for a #1 pick and the face of the franchise.

Check out more of Baker and his wife below:

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