Baker Mayfield, Wife Emily’s Boys & Girls Club Visit Possible Cause For Positive Test

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield tested positive for COVID-19 this week, and now some reports about his activities earlier in the week are coming to light.

Mayfield hosted a community event at a local Boys & Girls Club two days ago, proving he does actually care about some Browns fans. Multiple pictures and video show him and his wife Emily with their masks off.

See Baker and his wife Emily’s Boys & Girls club visit below:

The Mayfields were trying to do something nice, and also probably look the part of the caring QB and his wife.

They should be applauded for that, doing that sort of thing is usually a good look.

But big picture it wasn’t a smart move, one because he could have contracted COVID there, or secondly, he could have already has COVID and spread it at this event.

Masking Up indoors definitely could have helped, definitely wouldn’t have hurt.

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