Colin Cowherd Takes a Shot at Emily Mayfield Following Her IG Post

Colin Cowherd is always taking shots at Baker Mayfield, now Cowherd has his sights set on  Baker’s wife Emily.

On Wednesday’s edition of The Herd, Colin Cowherd pointed out that his wife Emily is completely wrong after she took to Instagram to point out how Baker is underappreciated, and how he never asks for any recognition. Emily pretty much blasted anyone who blames Baker for the tough loss against the Chargers last week.

In  a rebuttal to Emily’s IG letter, Cowherd  pointed out how much national media attention he gets. He also pointed out that Mayfield no longer has the protection of the Cleveland media because the Browns are great everywhere else.

Just wait til this gets back to Baker. We know he’s not going to let Cowherd crap all over his wife.

His wife is not about the Mayfield Haters.

Hating on the Mayfields would be the perfect name for a new Cowherd podcast.

Check out more of Baker’s wife Emily below:

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