Baker Mayfield Slams The NFL Following The Browns’ COVID Outbreak

Baker Mayfield isn’t happy with the NFL.

After it was announced that Baker and backup quarterback Case Keenum have COVID, the team will now turn to third-string quarterback Nick Mullens for their matchup against the Raiders on Saturday afternoon.

Not only will the QB situation be messed up. But Cleveland has a whole plethora of players on both sides of the ball who will now be forced to enters the league’s COVID protocols.

With the game still scheduled for Saturday, Baker Mayfield took to social media to slam the NFL over the handling of the virus.

“Make up your damn mind on protocols,” Mayfield wrote. “Showing up and making only 3 teams test?!? All so you can keep the game as scheduled to make money.”

Baker Mayfield would follow up his pst to elaborate on his confusion with the NFL’s testing and scheduling procedures.

“Actually caring about player safety would mean delaying the game with this continuing at the rate it is…. But to say you won’t test vaccinated players if they don’t have symptoms, then to pull this randomly,” he wrote. “Doesn’t make any sense to me.”

At 7-6 on the season, Baker mayfield’s Browns are right in the thick of the AFC playoffs race – with every game carrying added importance. So it’s definitely inconvenient for their COVID outbreak to occur right now. And with teams all over the NFL in a similar situation, it’ll be interesting to see how the league decides to move forward.

There were some adjustments made to the NFL’s COVID protocols on Thursday that would allow for asymptomatic players to return quicker.

“Effective immediately, all clubs will implement preventative measures that have proven effective: masking regardless of vaccination status, remote or outdoor meetings, eliminating in-person meals, and no outside visitors while on team travel,” the NFL said. “We will continue to strongly encourage booster shots as the most effective protection. Finally, and based on expert advice, we will adjust the return-to-participation requirements for those who have recovered from COVID-19.”

Baker Mayfield will now play the waiting game and hope he can get back on the field soon.

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