Arch Manning Speaks On The Quinn Ewers Transfer Affecting His College Decision

Arch Manning is still narrowing down his list of blue blood college football programs that he’ll be looking to attend in 2023. And he might have to take in to account what’s happening during this offseason.

The transfer portal is in flowing. And the most notable change was when former top prospect Quinn Ewers jumped ship from Ohio State to Texas.

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Obviously, kids are starting to take into account the new NIL rules – seeing where they can make the most money – and Manning is no different.

But being as Texas was reportedly one of the teams Arch manning was interested in, perhaps he’ll think otherwise now that Ewers will block his path to being an immediate starter.

He says that’s not the case.

“There are going to be good players everywhere. You can’t really look at it based off other players and depth charts. I think you just have to find the best place for you,” manning said in an interview with On3. “He’s a really good player. I stay in touch with him. He’s a good guy. I’m excited to see what he can do this year and hear all about it.”

Arch Manning remains heavily recruited by Texas coach Steve Sarkisian despite the Quinn Ewers transfer decision.

In Sark’s first year in Austin, Texas was utterly disappointing – finishing 5-7 on the season.

But if they were to have Quinn Ewers and Arch manning in their quarterback room by 2023, that would prove that it remains one of the top schools for four-star recruits in the entire nation.

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