Andy Reid Explains Chiefs Decision To Take A Chance On Josh Gordon Despite His Checkered Past

Josh Gordon is back.

Well, sort of.

After the NFL made their decision to re-instate “Flash” following his sixth career suspension, Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs were quick to pounce.


After returning to work following a scary stint in the hospital, Andy Reid spoke on the Chiefs’ decision to take a waiver on Josh Gordon despite all of his past indiscretions.

As alluded to in the report, Josh Gordon will be relegated to the Chiefs’ practice squad while he works through the ins and outs of Andy Reid’s offense.

But make no mistake, the Chiefs didn’t just go out and sign Gordon in case an injury were to occur at some point during the season.

After falling to 1-2 on the season, Andy Reid wants a spark. And he’s willing to see if Josh Gordon can stay out of trouble long enough to provide just that.

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