Andy Dalton Sends Cryptic Message About ‘Loud’ Fans Booing Him At Soldier Field

Chicago Bears quarterback Andy Dalton appears to be fully prepared for Bears fans who just want to see Justin Fields booing him during their regular season home opener this weekend.

Even over the preseason, Dalton was receiving a smattering of boos from the disgruntled fan base. And after a blowout los to the Rams during Week One, fans will only be louder.

Andy Dalton knows that, and set his expectations for Soldier Field onS Sunday accordingly.

When fans booed Andy Dalton over the preseason, Justin Fields was quick to come to the defense of the veteran quarterback.

“The fans are awesome, but they also have to realize Andy is a human being too,” Fields said, per Pro Football Talk. “Andy is out there on the field right now, so I really think it’s kind of disrespectful to Andy, them cheering my name like that. They have to trust in coach to make sure he’s making the right decisions and cheer Andy on.”


It’s not that Andy Dalton was necessarily bad during the Week One blowout to the Rams, but the passing attack was clearly limited by his inability to create plays and/or throw the ball downfield.

If you ask bears fans, it’s a complete sham that the team won’t just pull the plug on Dalton in favor of the promising rookie.

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