Adrian Wojnarowski Reveals Update On The Stagnant Ben Simmons Trade Talks

Despite all the talk, Ben Simmons remains a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.

All offseason, Simmons remained adamant that he would not suit up for the team. And he’s fulfilled that promise. But through it all, Daryl Morey has held firm that he’s not going to lower his asking price for the disgruntled point guard.

Recently, a report indicated that the Sixers may be circling a “target date” to trade Ben Simmons away.

However, NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski’s latest update would indicate that a trade involving Ben Simmons still isn’t imminent.

For now, the 76ers appear to be perfectly content holding out on any trade for Ben Simmons if the return isn’t something they feel comfortable with. And some even think that the main objective is still to convince him to rejoin Philly at some point this season.

We were convinced that it was only a matter of time before Simmons was traded away from Philly. But now, it appears that the conversation could continue all the way until next year’s draft.

Will Ben Simmons cave and return to the 76ers?

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