Adrian Peterson Slams Refs Following Loss To Rams Tuesday: ‘We Got Robbed’

Even if veteran running back Adrian Peterson has only been with the Seattle Seahawks for a very short amount of time, Tuesday night’s loss still hits home – especially given how it went down.

With the Seahawks driving to tie the game down late, Russell Wilson tried to float a ball to running back Deejay Dallas down the sidelines. Although it appeared to be a blatant pass interference, the refs kept their flags in their pockets. And the game ended shortly thereafter.

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While a lot of players took subtle shots at the refs following the game, Adrian Peterson took it a step further.

The future Hall of Fame took to Instagram to explain his frustrations with having to explain to his kids how the Seahawks got “robbed” on National TV.

While Adrian Peterson might have been a little dramatic (especially given that a win was by no means guaranteed and the team is likely going no where this year regardless), I agree with the sentiment here.

We keep expanding replay review calls, which slows the game and makes for a more boring product for fans. But it feels pretty easy for a booth official to buzz down when a mistake is as egregious as the one on Tuesday night.

One has to wonder if this was the last chance for Adrian Peterson to catch on with a team before he’s forced to hang up the cleats.

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