Aaron Rodgers Responds to Journalist Who Won’t Hand Him MVP: He’s a ‘BUM’

Hell hath no fury like an Aaron Rodgers scorned.

Longtime journalist Hub Arkush made some comments this week that rubbed Aaron Rodgers the wrong way.

Hub pretty much said Rodgers will not be getting his vote because of how he acted towards his fanbase and organization. In his words, Rodgers is a bad guy, and that factors into his MVP decision. He didn’t like that he held his franchise hostage the entire offseason.

Rodgers has since responded.

Rodgers thinks it’s about him not taking the vaccine, but not once did Arkush mention the vaccine.

Rodgers is always the victim.

What he said about Arkush is exactly what Arkush said about him.

But calling him a Bum is okay I guess.

Rodgers needs to let his play do the talking, then he would 100% win the MVP.

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