Aaron Rodgers’ Father Ed Beefing On Twitter Over His Son’s Vaccination Stance

Aaron Rodgers Father Ed is a lot like his son when it comes to being vaccinated.

With the topic of Aaron Rodgers’ vaccination stance still very much in the news, some have questions about his family life. Specifically, on his estrangement from his family.

The exact reason for Aaron’s estrangement is still a mystery, but details on the family feud have come to light over the years.

It is thought that the estrangement is all about Aaron missing a wedding and a funeral. Rodgers skipped his grandfather’s funeral. He was also reported to have dropped out of his groomsman duties for a close friend’s wedding the day before the ceremony.

Since then there’s been no reports of any communication between Aaron and his family.

However Aaron’s Father Ed Rodgers continues to go to bat for him online. He’s defending his choice not to get vaccinated from COVID-19.

See Ed’s tweets below:

Rodgers Dad also weighed in on his beef with MVP voter Hub Arkush, who initially said he wouldn’t vote for Rodgers as MVP.

His reason? Rodgers is a jerk.

Once again Rodgers father came flying in dropping comments.

He even replied directly to Hub Arkush.

Check out Ed’s tweets below:

Aaron’s father Ed Rodgers hinted to The New York Times all the way back in January 2017 that Aaron’s fame was the cause of their estrangement.

When speaking of the distance with his son, Ed said: “Fame can change things.”

It seems like this is Ed’s way of being there for his son.

It’s a shame they don’t speak if that’s still the case, they appear to have a lot in common.

Aaron is definitely Ed Rodgers son.

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