Aaron Rodgers Has Packers Fans Convinced He’s Returning Next Season

After a tumultuous offseason, things could not be going any better for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

They’ve clinched the NFC North as the #1 seed heading into the playoffs, and Rodgers is far-and-away the favorite to take home a back-to-back MVP trophy.

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To make matters even better for Packers fans, it sounds like their future Hall of Fame quarterback has buried the hatchet with the team’s front office. He spoke recently about how his relationship with GM Brian Gutekunst has come together over the course of the season.

“I decided when I came back that I was going to be all in with the team and all in to see things move forward to a better place. And that’s what the conversations were about, you know, during the offseason, was about being a part of those conversations that impact my ability to do my job. And I, you know, from one of the first days, Brian [Gutekunst] and I sat it down and got on the same page and it’s been a really nice Fall and Winter,” Rodgers said during an appearance on “The Adam Schein Podcast”. “I appreciate his approach, how it’s been, and it’s been very meaningful to me. So I’m thankful for that relationship, where it’s at at this point, and that’s made my life that much more enjoyable. So I gotta give Brian a lot of credit for meeting me in the middle.”

It seems like Aaron Rodgers has found a way to fully buy in to Brian Gutekunst’s vision. But he still sounds a little iffy when asked about returning. He has even left the door open to potentially retiring after the season.

“I didn’t start playing until eighth grade, obviously four years in high school, played three in college,” Rodgers said during a Pat McAfee Show appearance. “[This is] my 17th [year in the NFL]. At some point, you know, the ride stops and you got to get off.”

“You know, you want to, I think, still be able to play, still be able to walk, still be able to have, you know, cognitive brain function when you’re done playing. Those are important. I’ve really been trying this year to just stay in the present as much as possible.”

For now, the Packers will have to settle for getting the very best out of Aaron Rodgers for the remainder of this season and postseason. But if I hd to guess, I’d say he’ll be right back at Lambeau next season.

Perhaps he’ll have a second Lombardi Trophy with him by then, too.

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