Aaron Jones Mocked For Pointing To HIPAA When Speaking On Aaron Rodgers Situation

Aaron Jones isn’t the first athlete who has pointed to HIPAA to get out of answering a question pertaining to the COVID vaccine. But no less, it’s still not accurate.

Earlier in the year, Dwight Howard was schooled by a reporter who informed him that it’s not against “HIPAA” laws to speak about the COVID vaccine.

And on Wednesday, Packers running back Aaron Jones tried to use the same excuse when he was asked about Aaron Rodgers’ vaccine status.


Fans blasted Aaron Jones for not knowing what HIPAA laws are.

It’s a little unfair that Aaron Jones now has to speak for his quarterback.

After all, Aaron Rodgers led many to believe that he was vaccinated prior to the year when he answered a question about his status by saying, “yeah, I’m immunized”.

It has since been revealed that the quarterback underwent some “alternative treatment”. And was turned away by the NFL when he lobbied for this other method could be recognized by the league.

Now, Aaron Jones will be in the backfield with Jordan Love for at least next game – and likely another – and Rodgers will once again steal the spotlight upon his return.

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