A.J. McCarron’s Wife Katherine Webb Slams Post Baby Body ‘Haters’

A.J. McCarron’s wife is not having it.

Katherine Webb took to her Instagram Stories this week to share a photo of herself, alongside a strongly-worded message to her haters.

“Listen, haters,” the 32-year-old captioned her post.

“I’ve given birth to three whole kids in the last five years. Stop sending me nasty DMs about my weight and my stomach. My weight is fine. Do I wanna lose some? Yes. But it doesn’t have to be ASAP.”

Webb and McCarron share three sons together. Webb gave birth to the couple’s youngest back in April 2021.

Webb, who was Miss Alabama 2012, recently opened up about gaining more weight than expected during her third pregnancy.

“I told my agent, what you see is what you get when I sent her these digitals yesterday. I’ve already gained 20 pounds in my first trimester and I have no idea why,” she wrote on Instagram in October 2020. “Especially since I threw up so much from morning sickness. They say the normal weight to gain is 2-4 pounds so I’m way past that. Have any of you ladies had similar experiences? Round three has been the hardest but thankful to have healthy pregnancy. Can’t wait for your arrival in April little man.”

Webb first rose to fame during The 2013 College Football National Title Game.

The Camera switched on Webb, and Brent Musburger lost his natural mind.

She still looks just as beautiful to me, no doubt Brent Musburger agrees.

Check out more of McCarron’s hot wife below:


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