76ers Have Reportedly Stopped Fining Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons no longer being fined?

76ers’ fining of Ben Simmons came nearly two months ago, when they reportedly fined him for not joining the team on a road trip.

There was a running tally going around on just how much Ben has been fined thus far.

It was recently been revealed that Ben Simmons has officially surpassed $10 million in fines this season. Ben Simmons’ salary for the 2021-22 season is $33,003,936, so he has been fined around 30% of his salary for the season.

Now, an update.

Via Shams Charania of The Athletic:

“The 76ers have not been fining Simmons, as he fulfills team obligations such as training sessions and team meetings as well as continuing to meet with mental health specialists, sources said.”

It still appears Ben Simmons will never play for the Sixers again. If he’s getting his full salary, he has even more reasons to stay away.

The 76ers will have a tough time justifying paying Simmons not to play over the long-term.

Which is why they’re expected to deal him by the trade deadline.

Very much looking forward to the Ben Simons Sixers drama officially coming to an end.

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