13-Year-Old Jayden Moore Had The Perfect Response To Kevin Durant Trashing Him On Twitter

Kevin Durant’s pettiness was on full display when he took to his overused Twitter account to trash a flashy move by 13-year-old baller Jayden Moore.

Moore was over-dribbling and tried a fadeaway three-pointer (which rimmed out). And it’s safe to say KD was not impressed.

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“This sh-t stinks,” he wrote about the video.

In response to Kevin Durant, Jayden Moore subtly called out the Nets star for the ‘constructive criticism’ while also taking the high road.

Jayden Moore recently spoke with Josh Peter of USA Today about Kevin Durant’s call out. And he explained why it got to him.

“Like, what made him take time out of his day to say something negative instead of encouraging me or telling what really needs to be done and then texting me privately or something like that,” Moore said.

According to Bro Bible, Jayden Moore only did the move because his team was already up by a lot of points. And he had a bet with his dad about pulling it off in a game without getting called for a travel.

It’s safe to say that this 13-year-old kid is already more mature than KD.

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