Travis Kelce, Kayla Nicole Rumored to Have Broken Up

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole started dating all the way back in 2017.

They have been on and off since the jump. Back in August 2020 the couple split for a brief period. Kayla Nicole squashed rumors of Travis’ cheating way as the reason for the split. They took a few months off from their relationship. She did the usual social media scrubbing. They appeared to reunite later in the year.


Kayla was spotted at a Chiefs’ game in November 2020 confirming their relationship status was back on.  Travis then confirmed they were back himself.

Now according to our source, the couple is once again broken up.

Per our source:

“They are not together right now. If you pay attention they  don’t comment on each other’s pics anymore. Also there are so many people in the comment section asking her if she’s single, which is another tell tale sign. But oh well. Rich people problems.”

Kayla recently spoke about how she and Travis met, apparently he was doing some sliding.

This relationship needs to shi*t or get off the pot, and by that I mean they need to either get engaged, or probably just break things off completely.

But hey, I’m no relationship expert.

Best of luck to these crazy kids. Check out more of Travis rumored ex below:

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