People Convinced Bill Belichick Played Major Role In Dolphins Tampering Penalties

Did Bill Belichick push all the right strings to get the Miami Dolphins in trouble for tampering with Tom Brady?

Earlier today, the NFL announced they were dropping the hammer on the Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross after a tampering investigation revealed that they were having illegal conversation with Brady when he was still with the Patriots in 2019, and then again last season when he was a member of the Bucs.

As a result, Ross will be suspended, and the Dolphins will lose two crucial upcoming draft picks.

But perhaps Bill Belichick has something to do with all of this?

If you remember, the league started sniffing around the Dolphins after Brian Flores opened a discrimination lawsuit against the team. That was spearheaded when Belichick “mistakenly” texted Flores a congratulatory text for getting the Giants job, a text he really meant to send to former assistant Brian Daboll.

Now, people are convinced Belichick orchestrated this whole Dolphins mess.

Perhaps the Big Belichick text to Brian Flores really did end up making the league figure all this stuff out about the Dolphins. But it also seems like they did a pretty awful job of covering up the tampering.

The NFL probably would have still been able to create a case against the Dolphins for the way they contacted Tom Brady even without the Flores angle.

But it’s pretty amusing to think of this whole thing as a diabolical plan from Bill Belichick, so maybe we’ll just go with that.

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