Matt LaFleur Doesn’t Sound Too Happy That Aaron Rodgers Isn’t At OTAs

After coming up short in the playoffs, yet again, Matt LaFleur wants more out of his Packers players. And that includes Aaron Rodgers.

When speaking on the OTAs absence this week, the Packers head coach admitted that he definitely was hoping Rodgers would be in attendance at practice.



“Each guy has that right to make that choice. If you’re asking me, I want everybody here. I think some of the thought process may have changed over what’s transpired over the last two years, especially with our COVID situation where we didn’t have OTAs.

But my thing to our guys is, ‘Well, neither did anybody else. So everybody who was playing, had the same circumstances that they were dealing with.’ Obviously now, with everybody being open, you’d like to see as many guys as possible here.”

Matt LaFleur has said previously that he has been in contact with Aaron Rodgers over the offseason, saying the QB was currently in “good spirits” about the direction of the team.

Despite losing Davante Adams int he offseason, Rodgers has not made any damning comments about the Packers front office, coaching staff or overall situation since singing his massive extension.

Today, Aaron Rodgers is gearing up for “The Match” with Tom Brady against Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

I’d expect him to show up to the Packers shortly.

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