Kliff Kingsbury Photographed with Girlfriend Veronica Bielik For the Very First Time

Kliff Kingsbury is making moves.

The Arizona Cardinals head coach has been taking some time off. Arizona Cardinals mandatory minicamp ended last week, which means veterans are done until training camp, which allows Kingsbury to get a little R&R with his girlfriend.

“The next month is my time,” he said last week. “Y’all won’t see me.”

“I will be of the country,” he said, “unreachable for any of y’all.”

We broke the story earlier in the week, Kingsbury is currently in Europe with his girlfriend to “Meet the Parents”   

Kliff was spotted in his girlfriend’s Instagram story.

“Kliff and Veronica are living together.  She goes back to Poland for brief periods (vacations with her friends) and then she comes back.  She was his date to the McVay wedding.  The interesting thing and what could be a story is that Kingsbury said “you won’t be able to find me”.  Currently Kliff and Veronica are in Croatia.  Kingsbury is also meeting her family in Poland for the first time while he is over there.”

Now we finally have a picture of Kliff actually posing with his girlfriend.

Per our source:

“As I said they are in Poland meeting her parents and friends. Here is the first ever pic of them together”

See the pics and video below:

Let’s take a closer look at Kliff and his girlfriend Veronica:

The body language says it all.

Congratulations to Kliff for finally being snapped with his girlfriend. It seems like a little time away from the gridiron is just what Kliff needed. We’ll keep an eye on Kliff as he prepares to meet the parents.

Check out more of Kliff’s girlfriend Veronica below:

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