Detroit Lions Getting Huge Betting Boost from Hard Knocks

The Lions are so hot right now.

The long-awaited debut HBO’s “Hard Knocks” featuring the Detroit Lions hit our televisions this week, and so far NFL fans across the country really seem to enjoy it. From Dan Campbell’s desire to drag teams into the deep water and Aidan Hutchinson’s rendition of a Michael Jackson song, fans got a chance to see the men in blue and silver like never before.

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As a result, bettors are flocking to the Lions to win the NFC North.

Since the show aired on Tuesday, the Lions have the most action to win the NFC North.

“The Detroit Lions have been the most-bet team by handle to win the NFC North in the past 24 hours.”

See below:

The second-year coach made sure to emphasize his core value, grit, and how it impacts winning at the professional level.

“What does (grit) mean?” Campbell said. “To me, it means this — we’ll go a little bit longer, we’ll push a little harder, we’ll think a little deeper and a little sharper. To me, it means we’ll play you anywhere. We’ll play on grass, we’ll play you on turf, we’ll go to a (expletive) landfill. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter if you have one (expletive) cheek and three toes, I’ll beat your (expletive).

“There’s a number of teams as it equates to, bear with me, the ocean. There’s a number of teams, they just barely get to the water. There’s a number of teams that just get to the water, there’s a number of teams where that’s all they get to. Then there’s a number of teams, they are in the shallows, and they come in a hurry and they are all over your (expletive). They strike and move and they’re dangerous men. You just got to get a hold of them though, if you just get a hold of them and drag them out to the deep, dark abyss, you can drown them.”

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is also getting some shine.  He’s receiving a ton of  bets to  win Coach of the Year.

You can check out more of the Lions odds below:

Not sure I’m sold on the Lions just yet, but it’s nice to see them getting some love.

They sure need it.

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