Cris Collinsworth Reveals What Happened to His Iconic Slide Disappearing

What happened to the Cris Colllinsworth slide?

Sunday Night Football made some minor changes following Al Michaels taking the Thursday Night Football slot with Amazon Prime. More than capable, Mike Tirico fills in for Al Michaels, and the broadcast has hardly missed a beat. But something else has been noticeably missing from the SNF broadcast booth. Cris Collinsworth and his slide have not been a part of the broadcast. During an appearance on Up & Adams with Kay Adams, Cris Collinsworth details how the slide came to fruition. It’s a nice inside look at the filming process of Sunday Night Football. Collinsworth then explains why everything changed once Mike Tirico joined the broadcast.

Watch Cris explain why he no longer slides into the broadcast.

Turns out legendary broadcaster Al Michaels was the main reason for Cris Collinsworth to perform the iconic slide. Apparently the slide doesn’t currently fit in because Tirico doesn’t start out with a monologue.  The slide was definitely a fun part of Sunday Night Football. Hopefully Collinsworth will create a new intro for the upcoming NFL games.

Slide or no slide, football is back, which obviously is the most important thing. Cris Collinsworth and Mike Tirico haven’t missed a beat. Hard to complain, they are a solid duo. Outside of that weird scratchy voice Collinsworth was dealing with, he’s mostly doing the same thing he did with Al, minus the slide of course.

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