Kevin Durant Responds To Retirement Rumors

Is Kevin Durant really willing to retire from the NBA?

After it was revealed that KD remains adamant about his trade demand from the Nets, an anonymous NBA exec came out today to say that the star forward is so set in his ways, that’s he’s willing to walk away from the NBA if he’s not granted his trade wish.

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Kevin Durant has used his Twitter account to slam media pundits in the past. And shortly after the retirement rumors went viral, he had some things to say about these wild reports.

“I know most people will believe unnamed sources over me but if it’s anyone out there that’ll listen, I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon. Shit is comical at this point,” Durant said on Twitter.

Kevin Durant had to deal with a lot of drama during his season with the Nets last year.

Not only was the Kyrie Irving vaccination story hanging over the team all year long. But after James Harden requested a trade, the Nets brought in Ben Simmons, only for him to ride the bench through their playoff loss to the Celtics.

Now, Kevin Durant is supposedly eyeing teams such as the Celtics of 76ers when looking at potential trade destinations. But the Nets remain adamant that they won’t be trading the superstar unless they get the haul they feel is necessary for his talents.

KD still remains one of the most dominant players in our game today, and luckily, it doesn’t appear that he’ll be walking away any time soon.

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