Jake Paul Shows Off How Ridiculously Bad He Is at Taking Batting Practice

Jake Paul is unfortunately here to stay.

The Youtuber turned boxer has become mainstream content, which in itself is a poor reflection on our society. But he is a full blown celebrity at this point, so of course he was able to get access some of us can only dream of having. Jake Paul took batting practice before the Miami Marlins’ game against the San Diego Padres last night. Paul is a big guy who is trying to make it as a boxer, yet somehow he looked wildly unathletic swinging a baseball bat. It was really funny watching this loudmouth not be able to hit a ball.

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Watch below:

Anyway you slice it that’s just not a good look, especially for a guy who is all about appearances. Kids in tee-ball have better looking swing than Jake Paul. Goes to show you can have 20.4 million subscribers to your Youtube channel and apparently not one single one of them taught him how to swing. Plus how is there any chance he can legit be a good boxer without proper hand-eye coordination, which is especially important for boxing. Paul should be in real trouble if he ever does face a real opponent.

Paul is all about things going viral, so this is very fitting that this video has quickly made the rounds.

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