Fernando Tatis Suspension: Shortstop Called Out By AJ Preller, Teammates After Taking PEDs

On Friday afternoon, the MLB dropped a bomb on Fernando Tatis Jr. and the Padres.

It was announced that after testing positive for an illegal PED, Tatis will now face an 80 game suspension handed down from the league.

Initially, Tatis blamed the skin condition, ringworm, for taking the drug that was banned by the MLB.

It doesn’t look like the Padres are buying Fernando Tatis Jr’s ringworm claim, though.

After the suspension was announced, general manager AJ Preller called on Tatis to grow up a little bit.

“I think what we need to get to is a point in time where we trust,” Preller told reporters. “Over the course of the last six or seven months, I think that’s been something that we haven’t really been able to have there.”

Pitcher Mike Clevinger also referenced Tatis’ motorcycle accident int he offseason when lamenting that this wasn’t the first time the shortstop has let the team down.

“Very disappointed. That’s the second time we’ve been disappointed with him. You hope he grows up and learns from this and learns that it’s more than about just him right now,” he said.

That wasn’t it for the call outs, either.

Ace Joe Musgrove also threw Fernando Tatis Jr straight under the bus after the news.

“He’s a young kid. He’s going to learn his lessons or whatnot. But ultimately, I think you got to start showing a little bit of remorse and you got to start showing us that you’re committed to it and you want to be here,” he said.

It’s clear that the young Tatis is going to have to show some serious growth before winning back the trust of his teammates and organization.

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