MLB Argues Umpire Angel Hernandez’s Blown Calls in 2018 ALDS Cost Him World Series Job

Controversial umpire Angel Hernandez is suing MLB over discrimination.

MLB responded that Hernandez wasn’t getting assignments on the big stage due to awful performance, not discrimination. Hernandez is requesting the court toss out judge’s latest decision. MLB responded to his latest legal filing and revealed even more details about just how awful Hernandez has been at his job. This week we learned Angel Hernandez was going to be part of the World Series crew back in 2018, then he blew some really bad calls in the ALDS.  Hernandez had three calls overturned at first base in one game, Game 3 of the American League Division Series between the Yankees and Red Sox.


MLB made that claim as part of the filing:

Via AP: 

“Hernandez did not capitalize on that opportunity and did not rise to the occasion. This was the first time since the advent of expanded instant replay in 2014 that an umpire had three calls overturned in a postseason game. Based on his performance during that Division Series playoff game, Torre was not confident in Hernandez’s ability to perform effectively on an even more intense stage, and for this reason did not select him for the World Series that season.”

The filing continued:

“Hernandez has not presented, and the record does not contain, a scintilla of evidence that MLB’s actions were based on his race or national origin…”

MLB also noted Hernandez’s failure to reverse a pretty obvious call that caused controversy. Back in 2013, Oakland’s Adam Rosales ripped what should have been a game-tying home run in the ninth inning at Cleveland. Hernandez called it a double. Then failed to overturn his call on replay.

Here’s what MLB said about that blown call:

“For years, Hernandez has refused to admit that the call he made was incorrect and instead has attempted to blame the quality of the replay equipment. Hernandez’s inability to put the Cleveland incident behind him — and his continued insistence that others were at fault for his wrong decision — was emblematic of why Torre considered him to be unsuitable for World Series assignments and a permanent crew chief role. The issue was not the bad call itself, but Hernandez’s reaction to his mistake.”

MLB also noted the following:

“Hernandez has been quick to eject managers, which enflames on-field tensions, rather than issue warnings that potentially could defuse those situations. Hernandez also has failed to communicate with other umpires on his crew, which has resulted in confusion on the field and unnecessary game delays.”

The MLB laid out a convincing case that Hernandez just sucks at his job.

But we already knew that.

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