Fernando Tatis Sr. Backs Son’s Excuse For PED Use

Fernando Tatis Sr. is now speaking out on his son’s suspension due to PED use.

At first, the Padres shortstop blamed a medication he was taking to treat a skin disease, ringworm.

Now, Fernando Tatis Sr. is making similar excuse.

The former MLB star took it a step further to try to clear his son from any wrongdoing. According to Tatis Sr, his son’s skin problem stemmed from a haircut gone wrong.

“What involves him (Tatis Jr.) is a steroid that contains a spray called trofobol. He got a fungus due to a haircut. His mistake was not reading what it contains, which is what apparently makes him guilty of something totally unknown,” Tatis Sr. said.

After being docked with an 8- game suspension, Fernando Tatis Jr. sent out a statement blaming his ignorance of what he was putting into his body.

“It turns out that I inadvertently took a medication to treat ringworm that contained Clostebol,” the statement said, in part. “I should have used the resources available to me in order to ensure that no banned substances were in what I took. I failed to do so. I want to apologize to Peter, AJ, the entire Padres organization, my teammates, Major League Baseball, and fans everywhere for my mistake. I have no excuse for my error, and I would never do anything to cheat or disrespect the game I love.”

For once, I’d just like to hear one of these MLB players own up for their mistake when they get caught using illegal drugs. But yet, they try to think of these elaborate excuses, instead.

Fernando Tatis Jr. has no one to blame but himself for missing significant time during the prime of his career.

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